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Library of Documents for Not-for-Profits

United Way of Hudson County supports other non-profits in Hudson County by providing much-needed funding support; distilling up-to-the-minute information on legislation and other essential news in addition to serving as a resource-provider to help other Non-Profits better serve the clients in their communities.

Goals for the Common Good

Working with many partners, United Way continually looks for the most effective ways to help people gain access to educational, economic and health-related opportunities. To achieve further progress, it is now necessary to measure where we stand in these.

Thinking of Forming a Non-Profit

Thinking of Forming a Non-Profit (Spanish version)

Creating a non-profit can be an extremely important and rewarding activity, but starting and sustaining a new organization is also quite challenging. This publication is a tool to explain the basics of what a non-profit is and portray a realistic picture