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United Way of Hudson County (UWHC) is a community-based 501 c(3) non-profit organization which has improved the lives of the most vulnerable residents in Hudson County, New Jersey, for 76 years. Daily, UWHC serves the basic needs of economically insufficient individuals by providing food, clothing, and shelter to those who were affected greatly by Hurricane Sandy. Our Hurricane Relief Assistance Program immediately assists families with the reconstruction of infrastructures, the consumption of employment opportunities, and the contribution of accessible transportation (amongst the previously mentioned necessities).
United Way began in 1887 in Denver, Colorado, when a priest, two ministers, and a rabbi recognized the need for cooperative action to address the needs of their poorest citizens. Reverend Myron W. Reed, Msgr. William J. O’Ryan, Dean H. Martyn Hart and Rabbi William S. Friedman convened the first united campaign for ten health and welfare agencies. They created an organization to serve as an agent to:
  • Collect funds for local charities
  • Coordinate relief services
  • Counsel and refer clients to cooperating agencies
  • Make emergency assistance grants in cases that could not be referred.

More than 120 years later, United Way continues to focus on the needs of poor and disenfranchised individuals by mobilizing, with tender, love, and care, the nation’s communities. United Way’s staff members are joining together to make a difference in the lives of men, women, and children who need their help.

Presently, United Way of Hudson County serves the women, men, and children residing in the communities of Bayonne, Guttenberg, Hoboken, Jersey City, North Bergen, Secaucus, Union City, Weehawken and West New York. UWHC is dedicated to ending homelessness in Hudson County by supporting effective programs that change the lives of our working poor and their families. 

In 1936, former Governor of New Jersey and U.S. Senator, A. Harry Moore, formed the first Community Chest in Jersey City, a non-profit organization originated in Nevada. Several other prominent figures also assisted in the creation of the organization on the east coast. In 1948, United Way of Hudson County (UWHC) became a local subdivision of the United Way Worldwide.

During our 75 years, the United Way of Hudson County led human services’ non-profit agency. The key role that the organization promoted was to unite the entire community by constant response. UWHC mobilizes resources in local government and the corporate sector to affect change in the lives of the homeless and impoverished men, women and children in our communities. 

The wellness protection programs that UWHC advocates provide funding to support children suffering from abuse and neglect. While offering leadership, we sponsor social service agencies working with adults and children. We serve as an information clearinghouse and share our resources with other non-profit agencies to help better serve their clientele.

  • In 2001, the UWHC was one of the lead agencies in the nation to recover affected community members immediately after the collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC). Since UWHC is located less than 5 miles from ground zero, the non-profit organization uniquely qualified for the assistance of incapacitated individuals. UWHC aided victims who were unable to trace their loved ones.
  • In 2005, The UWHC was the lead author for Hudson County's "Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness."  
  • In 2009, UWHC was awarded several grants to provide homeless prevention assistance to individuals who were affected by the country’s ongoing recession, economic crisis. The program has prevented over 400 families from becoming homeless.
  • In 2010, Hudson County Homelessness Trust Fund was adopted because of the advocacy provided by the UWHC. We are now the lead agency, essentially, heading the "Alliance to End Homelessness in Hudson County."

The UWHC Community Impact Model is designed to address social service issues. Using non-profit partners, UWHC provides funding for community programs in the Hudson County area.

(The UWHC partnered with national corporations including: GOYA, Johnson and Johnson, Goldman Sacs, UPS, PSNG, etc. UWHC confirmed that donations and financial contributions were properly deliberated).

  • SPECIAL NEEDS: For those who are diagnosed with cerebral, physical, and medical disabilities, UWHC bestows a collaborative service. The organizations who partake in aiding, for example, autistic, dyslexic, and/or blind individuals include: United Cerebral Palsy, Sampson Baber Foundation for Autism, ARC of Hudson County and the Bayonne Community Mental Health agency.
  • EDUCATION: The tragic demographics concerning the decline of inner city test scores and dropout rates, illustrate the monumental need for services in our community. With this initiative, UWHC provides services through organizations such as Partnership for a Drug Free NJ, St. Francis Academy, Verea Foundation, Jersey City Joint Activities Committee, St. Peter’s College Symposium, St. Anthony Mentoring Program and Rotary International.
  • CHILD WELFARE: The NJ Department of Children and Families served 623 children in 2010. Currently, 40% of these children will be homeless as an adult. UWHC provides services in this area through organizations such as Urban Angels, Growing Tree Day Care, Salvation Army Day Care, Hudson Cradle Group Home, North Hudson Community Action Corporation, and the Hudson County Child Abuse Prevention agency.
  • HOMELESSNESS: In response to community priorities, UWHC has evolved into a recognized community leader in the efforts to increase affordable housing opportunities for homeless individuals in Hudson County.  UWHC’s affordable housing initiatives include operating direct housing programs, leadership in community collaborations, advocacy, information services, and mobilization of government and corporate funding resources. UW provides services thru organizations such as St. Lucy Shelter, PERC Shelter, Hoboken Shelter, Massh, Monarch Housing, Corporation for Supportive Housing, House of Faith, Dress for Success and Rebuild Together Jersey City.

Our recent major accomplishments include: 

  • Creation of Hudson County's Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness
  • Operation of our Emergency Shelter System in partnership with FEMA
  • With technical assistance provided by UWHC, organizations in Hudson County have secured $25 million in funding for homeless housing and housing services programs from the U.S. Department of HUD over the past 5 years